About Martial Hero Award

MARTIAL HERO intends to bring together serious GMs, Masters and Martial Arts enthusiasts, Combat Sports and Combatives/CQC, in order to facilitate cultural exchange and technical and image synergy. For this reason we did the Martial Hero Community/Martial Heroes Hall of Honors.
The MARTIAL HERO is also a special annual event in which we celebrate our Martial Heroes, those who have inspired us in the study of Martial Arts, pointing out the paths to follow and the values in which to believe.
For everyone the Martial Hero event can be a wonderful opportunity to attend special performances and to take contacts with some of the best teachers and performers of the Martial Arts, Combat sports, Self Defense and Military or Law Enforcement Fighting Systems.



Miss Agata Dowding

First Edition Godmother

GM Cynthia Rothrock

Martial Artist, Stunt and Movie Star - USA

GM Samuel Kwok

Ip Man Wing Chun - CHINA

M. Mark Stas

Wing Flow System Founder - Belgium


Action Martial Arts Magazine - USA

GM Leo T. Fong

Bruce Lee training partner - USA

GM Bram Frank

CSSD-SC/Combat Modern Arnis - USA

M. Edessa Ramos

Arnis and Tactical Master - PHILIPPINES

M. Robert Ramos

Arnis and Tactical Masters - GERMANY 

Tyler Ford

World Champion & Actor - UK

Guru Cecep Arief Rhaman

Eminent Silat Guru and Actor - INDONESIA

Png Guro Krishna Godhania

Warriors Eskrima and Sayoc Kali - UK

GM Charles Joussot

Seti Hati Terate and COQC System - FRANCE

Simon Kook

Muay Thai Actor IP Man 3 - THAILAND

Suza Singh

Action Martial Arts Director - CANADA

GM Gregor Huss

Munich Hall of Honors Founder - GERMANY

M. Florian Lahner

Close Combat & Tactical Master - GERMANY

Anderson Da Silva

Capoeira World Champion, BJJ, MMA - BRAZIL

M° Alberto Marletta

Ip Man Wing Chun - Martial Qi Gong

M. Sunny Singh

Actor Movie Star, World Champion - CANADA

Itthipol “Khieo” Akkasrivorn

Muay Thai World Campion - THAILAND