M. Sandro Martinelli

sistema di Close Combat del Maestro francese Charles Joussot, basato sul Silat Setia Hati Terate del GM Turpen
M° Sandro Martinelli begin the practice of Martial Arts in Venice in 1969 with Aikido, but soon he changed for Shotokan Karate and reached the 6th Dan in this style for the International Budo Association and for the GM Bill Homann (9th Dan Dillman Karate).   In parallel  M. Sandro Martinelli has studied several other Martial Arts, earning various titles, including First Level Instructor in Warriors Eskrima (PNG Guru Krishna Godhania), CSSD-SC Modular Knife Fighting (GM Bram Frank ), Lahner Tactical Lev. 2 and also in VAJRA MUTHI, SGS-Street Grapple System and FAES (Advanced Instructor), Instructor in Israst and Ryukyu Kempo Tactical.
From 2007 to 2010 he was the Official  H2H and Knife Combat Instructor of the Serenissima Navy Regiment and he collaborated in Personal Defense Courses with the Italian Police Instructors .
Since 2016, FISFO he is responsible for Italian, the Close Combat system of the French master Charles Joussot, based on the Silat Setia Hati Terate of the GM Turpen