To promote Unity, sense of Family and summa maxima synergy between serious Grand Masters, Masters, instructors and in general Martial Arts and Close Combat students, we decided to constitute a Council of Great Masters and Masters called MARTIAL HEROES COUNCIL.  Many of them worked with Summa Maxima Warriors Arts for the last 10 years, so we had the time to know each other and at the end we asked to join the group other friend of us, with the same passion and deep studied in the Martial Arts and Combatives Systems. No one is above the others, we want only to collaborate each other to promote genuine collaboration and right visibility to the people that put so much energy to try to reach their highest level in the study, understanding and practice of their Art.  We fixed a common ethical code that have to lead the actions of the people that are in Council  with the different roles, it is based on a natural sense of pace and respect (hormat)  and what was called in the ancient time code of honor.

The doors of MARTIAL HERO COUNCIL  are open to all the people who seriously believe in our ethical code and want to make good synergy with us, to grown in the research and in the study of the Martial Art, giving the right image and  advertising.

This is the first group of Grand Masters and Masters that formed the MARTIAL HERO COUNCIL: GM Samuel Kwok, GM Bram Frank, Guru Cecep Arief Rhaman, GM Leo Fong, Sifu Peter Chin,  Dr Robert Goldman , P.Guru Krishna Godhania, Maha Guru Cliff Stewart, GM Alan Goldberg, GM Gary  Wasniewski, GM Philippe Gouttard, GM Gregor Huss,  GM Evan Pantazi,  Itthipol “Khieo” Akkasricorn, Guru Eric Kruk, M° Tommy Gong, Maha Guru Horacio Rodriguez, M° Florian Lahner, M° Edessa & Robert Ramos, M° Antonio De Sabato, M°Anderson Da Silva, M° Sonia Waring, M° Mick Shore, M° Joaquin Marcelo, M°Vincent Raimondi, M° Sonny Singh, M°Simon Kook, M° Giuseppe Bonaccorsi, M°Giuseppe Vuovolo,  M° Marcello Senes, M° Marco Bellani, M° Claudio Alfarano,  M° Michael Inzana, M°Andrea Torres, M° Robert Rosemberg, M° Sandro Martinelli, M° Gabriele Guidi, M° Davide Fioretti, Guru Simone Medici, M° Luca Fiori, M°Nicola Rossi, M° Eleonora Dibisceglia, M°Pier Paolo Ibba, M° Fabio Bevilacqua, GM Bruno Danovaro, M° Lorenzo Borgomeo, M°Fabio Carone, M° Francesco Lincetto, M°Andrea Scalia, M°Simone Rizzo



In an effort to promote harmony and good synergy between serious Martial Artist, we are unified with the common goals of perpetuating the right teaching of the values and knowledge of the Martial Arts. Understanding, tolerance and mutual support among the members are milestones. 

All the MARTIAL HEROES COUNCIL members agree to abide by the following ethics: 

– To respect, to protect and to reflect honor upon the Council’s principles, upon philosophy, practice and teaching of the Martial Arts and Close Combat Systems taught by the Martial Heroes Council members.

– To agree that it is important to share each other the personal studies and research in the Martial Art.

– To looking for common advertising, but avoid that a student can move from a Council teacher to another Council teacher only if  the original teacher give the permission (in other words it is not acceptable to take students from other teacher of the Council).

– To share philosophical insights and technical knowledge with others, in order to further enhance each person’s comprehension of the Martial Arts and Close Combat Systems.  

– To respect any other area of study or discipline an individual may be involved. In other words full respect shall be maintained for all the serious Martial Artist inside and outside the Council. 

– To have respect for each other and to refrain from making any negative comments about a fellow individual.

– Any conflicts between members should be presented to the Council and avoid in any way direct confrontations.

– To promote common events and the name of the Martial Heroes Council that must become synonymous of quality, harmony and high level knowledge and practice in the Martial Arts and CQC.

– To take full responsibility for the actions of your martial-art subordinates, assistants, associates, instructors, and employees, and to enforce a code of ethics that includes the guidelines set forth in this document.