The Gala Ceremony will be placed on Saturday October 20 2018 at 19,30 in Cavallino Treporti VENICE ITALY. The goal of the Ceremony it is to create a better sense of Family in the Martial Hero Tribe, that will come to Venice on October 20 – 21 to create pure synergy in the Martial Arts, during the seminars with the Top of the International Grand Masters and Masters of various styles. During the ceremony The Grand Masters and the Martial Hero Council will give to Masters, instructors, coaches, black belts, students and competitors a very significant AWARD of the year for the different categories and Arts. The nomination for the Awards will be proposed by the Grand Masters for the Masters and with the same logic for the others levels, but everyone can ask his candidacy to Award to the Martial Hero Council. (

The Award it is a beautiful certificate and a special Souvenir of Venice that everyone will like to expose.

During the Gala dinner will be served various delicious specialties, at choice fish or meat, to let You taste the famous local cuisine

At the Gala there will be also some special and unique performances by some International Grand Masters and Guest. Between the others and exclusive for the event:

  • GM Samuel Kwok will preformed the Wooden Dummy Form (Muk Yan Chong) and Butterfly Sword (Baat Jaam Dao),
  • M° Simon Kook (Ip Man 3 actor) demonstration
  • Guru Kan Cecep Arief Rhaman will demonstrate his ability with weapons and his special Silat forms
  • M° Anderson Da Silva will make a Capoeira show
  • M° Antonio De Sabato, from Switzerland, World Record Power Breaking 2017, will make a demonstration of his amazing power
  • The Santa Maria Traditional Sicilian Knife & Stick Fighting School will demonstrate some traditional duel with knifes and stick fighting.

and others surprise from the guests

At the end SAYAW around the fire on the beach, in front of the sea

For everyone that will take part of the Gala a gift and the free subscription at the MARTIAL HERO blog and web site.